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Scatterpod is one of the most respected of the Ano-Chee Shamans.
She is a member of the Bronze Wood Forest Tribe, but has the respect of all of the tribal leaders. She is well known for her great wisdom and insight, with chiefs from all across the Ano-Chee homelands seeking her council in spiritual and practical matters.
She fought in the First Nameless War, and at that time became one of the Wizard
Quinn-Tain's most trusted allies, acting as an invaluable insider.
Her alliance with Quinn-Tain is usually one of mutual respect, but many times it becomes very strained due to Quinn-Tain's often harsh and merciless tactics in accomplishing his goals.
Some of the Ano-Chee accuse Scatterpod of having more loyalty to Eldex than to her own people, but in truth Scatterpod is a very loyal servant of her tribe. She has, however, come to realise the quintessential threat of The West and that only Quinn-Tain can hope to lead them in over coming it.
Scatterpod is highly skilled in the arts of magic, able to control plants and animals, heal the sick and even (when the circumstances are right) return the dead to life.
Scatterpod is actually in her seventies, but due to having been returned to life she appears physically much younger.
She is married to Quickfish and has 7 children.


ThunderCloud is Scatterpod's youngest son and one of the braves of their tribe.
He is highly skilled in hand to hand combat and the use of the bow. He is also a skilled tactician, very experiences in leading skirmishing forces of Ano-Chee braves and using the terrain to their advantage.
He possesses magical abilities, but much to his mother's frustration (who always hoped he would take after her and be a Shaman), he has never had much skill with any magics that don't relate to his professional as a warrior. Like many Ano-Chee braves he can camoflage himself magically and use magic to enhance his strength and speed.
ThunderCloud is quite intelligent, but he tends to want to deal with problems head on, rather then taking a more considered approach. He is quick to fight in defence of his people and tribe, and believes the Ano-Chee are strong enough to deal with threats to their way of life without outside help.
Strong willed and headstrong as he is, he still defers to his mother when she puts her foot down.
Interestingly, due to her resurrection, Scatterpod actually looks a little younger than her son, a fact Thundercloud finds very embarrassing when people mistake her for his wife or sister.

Black River

Black River is shrouded in mystery, his origins and agenda unclear.
His body is thin as though half starved and dresses in a ragged cloak and shorts over his matted, filthy fur. But most striking is his face. On one side he appears mostly normal, aside from his bright red eye. On the other, however, his skin and flesh and missing, showing the grinning skull and vacant eye socket underneath.
He is cursed to be neither amongst the living, nor whole amongst the dead. Due to this his touch is deadly, killing any living thing he comes into contact with, even the plants he steps on.
His curse also means that those who meet him quickly forget having met him once he goes away from them. Only Scatterpod and Quinn-Tain are able to remember his presence. He is a loyal follower of Quinn-Tain, referring to him as master, though Black Rivers motives to serve Quinn-Tain are unclear.
His staff and magical skills suggest he is a Shaman, but how he came to be the strange, half mad creature he is today has not yet been revealed.

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