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The Enemy and his Minions
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The King in the West
The sorrow of Vellastrom, Enemy of Eldex, Hammer of Devils, Thief of Names.
The King in the West remains far away, across the Western Ocean, but his influence is felt all across Harkovast.
His mind is always turning, ceaselessly plotting his enemies downfall.
His Nameless legions toil without rest to increase his dominion. His power has now spread over the entirety of the Western continent, until his progress was finally brought to a halt by reaching the oceans.
The idea that part of Harkovast still lies outside of his control eats at his mind, an intolerable insult to his authority that he will never accept.
Once already he has unleashed his hordes against Vellastrom, but he had become over confident after his success in the West and so underestimated the strength of the people there and their will to resist him.
Fierce land battles held his armies in check while decisive naval strikes crippled The Nameless hordes while they were still at sea, destroying the Soul Furnaces that powered their war machine.
For all their courage and sacrifice, the armies of Vellastrom did not achieve a total victory. The Kings armies retreated to their ships and escaped final destruction, allowing him to rebuild and plot his revenge.
Forces were sent to pursue them, but few returned.
Since then, his minions have not been idle, probing for weakness all across Vellastrom.
Now fifteen years later, the time has come for The King's plans to be put into motion once more.
The King in the West remains hidden away, allowing his minions to carry out his orders for him, but he is undoubtedly incredibly powerful. It is said he has beaten all the demons of hell into submission and it is his will that drives the Nameless armies to war.

The Speaker: The Evil of Mind

The Speaker appears to be a Nymus priest of the Death God Kovetor, but he is no longer a member of that order, or even truly a Nymus.
It is not known what disaster destroyed his faith in the Nymus Pantheon and led him to worship the King in the West as a god, but it is beyond doubt that he is now one of The Enemies most terrible servants.
He is one of the fourteen evils, the captains of the Enemy, each one personifying a different magical element.
The Speaker is the evil of mind, his power flowing through his voice. His sermons appeal to peoples most base instincts of fear, greed, racism and hate to lure them into the service of the Enemy.
He was at first a relatively junior member of the fourteen evils, given little respect by the others. But at the end of the First Nameless War, it was his plans and double agents that allowed the Nameless armies to slip away back to The West, sparing The King further humiliation.
This success convinced The King that The Speakers more subtle methods were the way forward and so The Speaker has been given free reign to put his plans into motion all across Vellastrom. He now has agents and disciples all across the continent, working to spread disorder and mistrust between nations.
Though The Speaker rarely involves himself in personal combat, he is able to draw on his powers to force people to obey his commands against their will, even forcing them to kill themselves if he requires it.

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