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Bad Review1- A Conversation (pt 2)
harkovast at 6:58AM, Sept. 23, 2009
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Now if you read part 1 of this bad review, you might have guessed it was probably not something meantfor public viewing.
Here is the conversation that followed where one of the participants realised he had accidently made his rather none-PC view public.

Shaft: oh hey, sup
Shaft: ‘wow, who’s that guy?'
Savage: Yeah, no idea who you are. What'sup?
Shaft: god, not much
Shaft: my mind is overly clouded though
Shaft: go on
Savage: Well, I tried hard to find who you were and why you know me but sadly nothing turned up.
Shaft: that's the case
Shaft: i could just tell you
Shaft: or i could drop hints
Savage: There are google results pertaining to webhosting services. Are you one of Sparky's friends?
Shaft: i know of A sparky
Shaft: but she's my friend's friend, and she's 14
Shaft: …and… i've never talked to her.
Shaft: so no
Shaft: i don't know anybody named sparky period
Shaft: how dare you.
Shaft: so, dropping hints is it, then?
Savage: Sure, go nuts
Shaft: ask me how i am
Savage: How are you?
Shaft: waiting for comments on my webcomic
Savage: Oh god you're not the Harkovast guy are you? Look, if Dal showed you that log, I can explain.
Shaft: nah
Shaft: relax
Shaft: he did post it on his webcomic, though.
Shaft: in the comments section
Shaft: i'm finding absolute hilarity out of this
Shaft: yeah
Savage: of what?
Shaft: and you want to know what the best part is, sir?
Savage: What?
Shaft: http://foxmage.com/Strathark.html
Savage: oh god taking that down |=
Shaft: lulz
Shaft: did you put it up there
Shaft: i like the welcome page
Shaft: anyway
Shaft: the hilarity is that he reviews webcomics
Savage: Seriously who showed you that? I thought I only showed it to Dal
Shaft: odd indeed
Shaft: http://www.drunkduck.com/Harkovast/
Savage: holy shit hahahaha, god I feel awful about that
Shaft: yeah
Shaft: that's what i'm here for
Shaft: oh dear god
Shaft: if we want to get into bad webcomic names
Shaft: there's a sprite comic in here called
Shaft: “Sonic Torment”
Savage: One sec, reading the harkovast news on this
Shaft: mk
Savage: haha, seriously though, how did that link get out? I was just showing it to one friend
Shaft: google search?
Shaft: you can try, though
Shaft: no idea
Shaft: anyway
Shaft: yes, i do consider you the ‘webcomic review guy’ now
Shaft: gj
Savage: hahaha, thanks
Shaft: i looked into the comic
Shaft: and … just as i suspected
Shaft: it was a tournament
Shaft: not torment
Shaft: i thought that this was especially odd, because the dialogue in the comic has … decently good grammar and spelling
Shaft: sorry i'm typing slow, playing guitar and drumming does this
Savage: okay wait, I seriously need to email this Harkovast guy and explain this. Hahaha, I must seem like such a racist fuck
Shaft: no worries
Shaft: all ready did that for you
Savage: You did?
Shaft: mhm
Shaft: i'm waiting on a reply
Shaft: if you want, i can explain further. i know you're not a bad guy–it's just..well…
Shaft: …well
Shaft: file attachments do come in handy sometimes
Shaft: but as you can see, he blames it on karma.
Shaft: i suspect him to be that kind of guy. i've talked to him on several different occasions.
Shaft: he's nice, but … i have a feeling this will hurt him a bit
Savage: The log? Yeah, that log was brutal D:
Shaft: so yes, do feel terrible
Shaft: you horrible horrible person
Savage: thanks =P
Shaft: i agree
Shaft: it was…
Shaft: how can i explain this
Shaft: if it were me
Shaft: i'd never make another webcomic again
Shaft: :P
Shaft: speaking of webcomics, we should make one. that'd be hilarious.
Shaft: yes
Shaft: i'm going to guilt you some more
Shaft: and this will be the final time
Shaft: a webcomic that only reviews every new page of harkovast
Shaft: :P
Shaft: i'm done
Savage: =P
Shaft: he's an acquaintance, i have to stick up for him
Shaft: how are you
Shaft: what's your name
Savage: I'd really like to keep the name under wraps x=. Little embarressed at the moment that this got out, mainly because it did so without the knowledge of my friend (who coined the name “half-nigger”)
Shaft: lul…
Shaft: yeah…
Savage: trying to find Harkovast guy's email…
Savage: blah, hate navigating Drunk Duck. You know the best way to get in contact with him?
Shaft: oh yes.
Shaft: http://user.drunkduck.com/harkovast
Shaft: i believe
Shaft: i'm talking to him now
Shaft: he … didn't say anything
Shaft: other than asking if it were me
Shaft: i told him that it might be hard for you to apologize personally
Shaft: but, if other people add you–just ignore them. drunkduck is a religious site.
Shaft: if they like a comic, they won't be as leniant as me
Shaft: they will noobishly tear your ass to shreds
Savage: hahaha, hard? No, I really want to apologize. If it was just me sharing my views, I wouldn't feel bad. But I accidentally brought my friend into this
Savage: “Private Quack”.. is that like a private message I can send him if I make an account?
Shaft: yup
Shaft: themed site
Shaft: :-) i'm going to harrass the other guy when he comes on too
Shaft: just play with him for a while
Shaft: act like harkovast
Shaft: lmfao
Shaft: act like the much more pissed off version
Shaft: don't tell him, please
Shaft: :P
Shaft: he was the more racist one
Savage: Oh, please let me. He's going to be pissed
Shaft: :O
Savage: hahaha, yeah
Shaft: be my guest
Shaft: just tell me when you're done quackin' him up
Savage: might take a minute!
Shaft: make sure to mention that you don't want that link to be shown anymore
Savage: Already pulled it
Savage: Since I own Foxmage.com I can do that pretty easily
Shaft: lol
Savage: Maybe I'll put this one up in its place.
Shaft: :o
Shaft: hi internets
Savage: Yeah, doing that now
Shaft: the world says hello
Savage: Want me to censor your name out?
Shaft: no
Shaft: i like attention

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