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Contest rules
shastab24 at 4:05PM, March 2, 2010
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Here are the official rules to this contest:

Those eliminated will be decided after a popular vote, in which contestants and readers may weigh in. One vote is to be tallied for each person. Anybody found to be stacking votes (with “sock puppet” usernames or the like) will not be counted and forfeit their ability to vote for the season.

Every two weeks, an artist and a writer will be eliminated. These eliminations will be separate from one another. Should someone lose their writer or artist, that person will be paired with the other remaining person.

Each story should be at least 2 pages long. Length is primarily determined by the artist, though hopefully this will be a collaborative effort.

Every two weeks will have a theme set by me, the contest creator. I may ask for suggestions, but it is eventually my call. This is a way to feed my hubris and perhaps be megalomaniacal, but it is what I have decided.

In my vain way, I also say that I am not ineligible to compete in this contest. But this applies to anyone who decides to help me in facilitation, as the eliminations are decided by the people, not the organizers. In this light, “Season 1” will not place a requirement for contestants to be amateurs. This may change in subsequent seasons, but for the moment one can have a job at a publisher and still be a part of the contest.

Comics MUST stay within the bounds of PG-13 or lower. I want this to be a contest for everybody, but the rating upped that far to allow a little breathing room for the more violent types of characters, or just more realistic scripting.

If you bow out of the contest, let the other person know beforehand. That way, he or she can better prepare a backup entry. Said backup entry may be discussed with me, but can include a couple pin-up shots (for artists), a short story (for writers) or even the one instance where one is allowed to draw and write their own entry for one time only. On that elimination, the person who left will be treated as the eliminated player for his or her category.
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