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End of the first part!
dedasaur at 4:11AM, April 13, 2011
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The first 12 pages of chapter 12 are finally out.

As usual, you know, that if you go to the blog you can actually download a pdf file from issuu reader. (I also already posted the curiosities that will answer to many of your questions)

I would always suggest to wait the end of a chapter to download or even the end of the volume because, usually, I fix all the typos that I cannot reupload on DA or on the other sites! Plus the finished volume is compiled with the covers, the index, extras, the illustrations…

Chapter 12 is the final chapter of volume 3 (The Pirate Balthasar will be 5 volumes long, plus a 6th volume with epilogue and specials).

These 12 pages, though, mark the end of the first part of the story.
As of now, officially we enter the second half of the comic and a lot of things will happen already in this chapter.

I hope you enjoyed the story so far and thank you for keeping me company,
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