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hero/villain origin speculation
jamoecw at 6:36PM, Sept. 7, 2010
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well we know the origins of those who gained their power from the extra dimensional beings, but what about the rest?

reading about crosshair got me thinking as to what his origin might be, we know a few things about him:
he dresses in colorful attire
he uses allies as bait
he uses laser sights
he is a villain
he is willing to eliminate non primary targets

the colorful attire means that he didn't come from a sniper school, as camouflage is one of the primary concern for a true sniper. perhaps then a designated marksman? probably not as he used laser sights instead of optical (or even in addition). perhaps some sort of swat sniper? probably not as went after non primary targets and swat snipers tend to focus only on one target (at least hitting the primary target first instead of last). what about competition marksman? again the laser sight makes this improbable. what is left is a hunting background, where there is no rules against laser sights and shooting targets of opportunity, generally hunters wear bright clothes so they don't get shot by other hunters as well.

so the hunter sends out his dog to flush out some heroes in hopes of bagging some big game, the use of a person to do this has been used in several conflicts throughout time and has some stories in regards to sniping itself which are fairly well known. he used drainomyte bullets which if it is anything kyoptonyte economicly then they wouldn't have been cheap.

thus i speculate (rather weakly) that crosshair is a wealthy aristocrat whom has lost money due to a hero's involvement, presence, or maybe just existence, and has decided he was going to teach them their place by taking out the biggest and baddest of them. being a big game hunter he would welcome the ego boost that only dropping a deadly opponent will bring (even if the odds are rather stacked in your favor).

until some origins come out all we have is speculation, so let's speculate!
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EssayBee at 11:45AM, Sept. 20, 2010
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Nice speculation. Your reasoning is logical, and rest assured, you'll get answers. I don't want to give away too much, but, as you might have picked up from Brooder's comment at the end of page 9, Thermo and Crosshair may just be the tip of the iceberg.
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