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DRAWING AID--Fusion Turnaround and Color Chart
EssayBee at 8:23AM, April 29, 2010
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As an aid for any folks who want to do fanart, here's a turnaround of Fusion in her suit. I did (and still do) turnarounds for major characters, and the designs may get tweaked a bit between the turnaround and actual appearance on the page (such as Fusion's “F” here–I make it a bit bigger and bolder in the comic), but these are just a means for me to get a good feel for a character's look.

I'm also including my style sheet for Fusion. It includes her color chart, which has the colors for the different parts of her in RGB values (the three numbers below each object), as well as any design note that I wanna keep in mind. I don't use this sheet too much anymore (I have a Word file with the color info for all characters, backgrounds, ships, etc. that's easier to refer to, since it's on my computer), but all of this goes in a binder I keep with all of my other Fusion stuff. Oh, and in case it isn't obvious, her hair is straight black–RGB values of 0/0/0.

I'll post more character turnarounds in the coming weeks.

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