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The Barefoot Battalion
Tantz_Aerine at 6:36AM, Sept. 13, 2010
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This film is one of the inspirations I have had for Without Moonlight.

This is a poster of a 1950s Greek movie called ‘The Barefoot Batallion’, and it is part of my research for Without Moonlight! I bet it will feel familiar once you watch it.

Below I have for you a small ‘trailer’ of sorts WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES (yay!) for you, and beneath that, the movie's summary.

I hope the embed code works:

Barefoot Batallion is a tribute to the unsung heroes and heroines of the WW2 Greek resistance–the children who aided the cause. Filmed in semi-documentary fashion, the story concerns a group of Greek urchins who regularly steal provisions from the occupying Nazi troops. The kids then redistribute the goods to the starving citizenry (including themselves, of course). Most of the cast members were nonprofessionals, and all deliver credible performances, devoid of kiddie-star coyness. Particularly memorable is 5-year-old Ketty Gyni as a wide-eyed war orphan named Martha. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

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