Supporting Characters
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Characters that are important and often seen, but don't have the main focus on them.

Name: Dominique
Nickname(s): Dom
Height: 5"5
Age: 21
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Dominique has a bad reputation but she couldn't care less. Often considered no more than a bitch and a tease, she'd rather laugh about these labels than cry for them. Honnest, proud, and intelligent, she doesn't let anyone stop her from attaining her goals. Since she started going out with Christopher, she met some new people and was given a real chance to prove herself.

Name: Marie-Claire
Nickname(s): Mary
Height: 5“3
Age: 23
Hair: Red(natural red)
Eyes: Blue

Marie-Claire is very calm and mature. She has grown strong from obstacles life has kept throwing at her, and still manages to keep smiling and hope for the best. She is Christpher's main muse, but doesn't give him much time anymore. He has made some moves on her in the past, and she doesn't want to give him the wrong idea. She also wants to encourage him to have ”normal" relationships with women.

Marie-Claire lives alone. She's lived her life through prostitution for some years already, and is starting to think this can't work out any longer. She's slowly moving toward a more conventional lifestyle, but not without efforts.

Name: Michael
Nickname(s): Mike, The Drunk, Drunkard
Height: 5"10
Age: 22
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

Mike used to be a cheerful guy, always partying and having fun. Was often compared to Christopher, who was one of his best friends during high school. However, his drinking habits have grown out of his control, and he isn't laughing about it anymore.

Mike lives with his twin brother in Christopher's basement.

Name: Danny
Nickname(s): Dan
Height: 5"10
Age: 22
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

Dan has always been a loner: he avoids crowded places, people he considers annoyingly cheerful, and has close to zero social skills. He still manages to get a friend once in a while. He mostly hangs with Eric, when he isn't watching over his brother Mike.

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