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Kallisti at 8:00PM, Aug. 15, 2010
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Ok, so with this most recent batch of comics we are now up to the most current comic before Apple Valley was sidelined originally. Moving forward, I hope to have at least one ALL NEW COMIC made exclusively for the good readers here at Drunk Duck per week… sometimes there may be two, others there may not be a comic, so it's best to follow / subscribe / favorite / whatever-the-hell-the-terminology appropriate to DrunkDuck is if you want in on all the latest updates.

By the end of this week, I expect at least one more comic which will close out the current arc and reveal a fair bit more about Mina.

Then in the coming weeks, we return to the ongoing tale of Leaf and Gabbie's weekend-gone-wrong and their new special friend Zeb… and then after that, an extended storyarc featuring Doyle, Gabbie, and an army of angry anthromorphic characters. This is my serious face, saying that last sentence.
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