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Those insidious villains
shastab24 at 9:18PM, April 11, 2011
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You can't have a story without an antagonist, and superheroes need their supervillains. They should be good antagonists, whether or not they would oppose the Trans Dimensional Trans Superheroes on ideological grounds.

Villains offered so far:
The Seraphim (Sea Embers, Phobia, Zhia, Bind, Lash), The Floccinaucinihilipilification, The Gunman (ShastaB24)

And yet again, I will be the first to offer characters:
The Seraphim (Sea Embers, Phobia, Zhia, Bind, Lash) - a team of “superheroes” who consider those with powers to have been sent by God (angels) and those who don't follow the Bible to their interprettions are demons because of it. Their fundamentalist views cause them to be at odds with many communities, especially LGBT.

The Floccinaucinihilipilification (sometimes shortened to The F-Man)
He is a psychic, but uses a specialized form that will lower another's self-esteem. If he tells a cop, for instance, “You can't aim worth crap,” the cop will believe this to be so and therefore be unable to aim his weapon at The F-Man. The limiations to this ability: The F-Man must vocalize what he wants to put across, and he needs to know the subject is there (no situation of “Any snipers hidden in the area can't aim” ).

The Gunman
A mercenary who is quite well-armed and has almost inhuman accuracy (like a Bullseye-type in that department). He is incredibly fetishistic about his weapons and will talk to them like sexual objects, even during battle.
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