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shastab24 at 8:32PM, April 11, 2011
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Willing to lend your art services to the comic? Post in this thread. It might be good to tell the limitations to your art, as well, such as if you might only be able to do a certain amount of pages per script, if you can't color (or can only color), etc.

Artists available:
ShastaB24 (likely pencilled art and colored pencil coloring. Not good with action yet)

As in the writer pool, I thought I'd offer my services first. By no means am I a good artist, but I may be able to do a passable job in a quiet scene. As I said in the list, I would likely be just pencilling, as I don't know about my inking skills, and my digital coloring work is still in the very early stages (using the paint bucket tool in GIMP, not even being able to shade) so I might be working with colored pencils in that department (but again, I don't think I'm all that good at that).
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