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Seeking Editor
itsjustaar at 11:43AM, July 30, 2011
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I have been attracting a lot of professional artists over the course of this year, but there has been a lot of pressure building up in doing ‘Keeping Up with Thursday’ as a result, even for me as a beginner artist and storywriter for this series. An enormous amount, to be precise.
I am looking for an editor, or someone in that vein, who can possibly help go over pages with me, perhaps, to help keep me in check and maybe go over things with me. Despite my attempts to contact said good artists on my other website where the comic is stored, they are more-often-than-not very busy and unable to really maintain a constant KIT basis.
Please PQ me if you can. Thanks.
“Keeping Up with Thursday” - Updated Every 3 Days!
“ZombieToons Must Die” - hiatus. D:
Lynnetastic at 9:59PM, Aug. 23, 2011
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joined: 8-23-2011
Hehe I love your art style! I'd love to be your editor. Contact me at and we can share more details!

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