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Why hello fellow Drunk Duckers!
TokyoRose at 1:56PM, Oct. 16, 2011
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joined: 2-24-2009
So it's been almost two years since I was last on Drunk Duck. Been off working hard on improving my illustrations and comic works and at long last I feel a little more confidant in my work.  It's nice to be back at manga creation and such…missed it.
I hope some of you will pop by and take at little lookie see at my one shot manga, “In Softness”.  I'll be wandering around myself here , so, I hope to get the chance to reaquaint myself with everyone here.
I'm amazed at how much this place has changed! Wow…impressed so far!
Forgive your enemies, it messes with their head.
rokulily at 3:19PM, Oct. 16, 2011
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welcome back! theres bound to be a few things that still need work on this site, though i suppose it is quite a change…
anyway, looking forward to your comics!

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