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The Halloween Cameo Caper 2012
Hogan at 11:35AM, Jan. 19, 2012
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It's time again…

We may still have a few stragglers from last year's Caper, but considering the great work that was produced and the general interest in the project, I think its safe to say that we can go on and think about the setting of a new Halloween Cameo Caper in for 2012!

What's a Halloween Cameo Caper you say?

Well, the Cameo Caper in continuing an old annuarly tradition (5 years+) about trying to get a multi-webcomic (no kind, style or hosts bared) cameo caper running through the month of October (though starting before and taking it beyond by some people usually happens), culminating on Halloween Eve, October the 31st)  where, hopefully, everyone will have one major hell of a Halloween Webcomic Party for everybody participating!

The original and basic concept is that, at the date of Halloween (or the day closest to, taking updates schedules into accounting), the particpating artists post a strip (canon, none-canon, filler etc.) on their site or here in the forum, showing their characters and as many characters from other comics as possible, having fun and celebrating the Halloween in the chosen setting. Thats the concept you sign up for! One strip at the day of Halloween! No more, no less…

BUT… nothing prevents, and nothing HAS so far prevented, any and all participant from creating whole storylines centered around the event, storylines the go way before and beyond the month of October and Halloween Eve. Furthermore there's nothing to prevent the participating webcomics from joining up and forming crossovers with each other for the sake of the event, exactly like it has been done before! Actually… its only recommended, but not a demand

The previous years have been great experiences, and we hope to see many new and old faces in the Cameo Caper for 2012, congreting to make yet another memorable event!

The whole Caper is put together here, but first, before anyone signs up for anything… first we have to decide where to host the Caper of 2012!

In 2006 the first year the Caper went to the town of Shelterville in the old Wild West, 2007 went to Disneyland orbiting a faraway planet in the near future, in 2008 a a zombie-filled mall was throughoutly thrashed, 2009 gave hauntings of castle of Overlook a bad reputation and 2010 gave the crew and passengers of the spaceship NCS Nostromummy a few last days of their life to remember and in 2011 Time finally caught up with the secluded and Dinosaur filled Valley in the Hillsfar Mountains…

Which place better start barricading this year before the Caper arrives?

The following is a list of hithero suggested places to hold the Caper, compiled from over the years…

20's Chicago
Ancient China
Austrian Alps/Wooden remote cabin - Snowstorm optionable
Earth's Core
The Middle Ages
Battle of the Bands Setting
In a Pyramid
Salvador Daelisk's World
Under the Sea

Go to the Caper's forum and check out this thread where you shall feel free to come up with any imaginable idea that can suggest a fantastic and interesting idea setting where to host the Cameo Caper of 2012! This thread is for collecting those suggestions as well as any discussions, and you don't have to even think about signing up for the Cameo Caper just yet, just feel free to take part in choosing the place!

The discussion will come to an end at the 30th of April, after which point a poll will be set up, a poll featuring the 10 hottest topics of the thread for everyone to vote on to get the final result…

When the setting has been chosen, a more detailed campaign for the exact location will be provided… so therefore DO come up with various ideas while suggesting and voting… everything helps to make the setting as memorable as the previous ones!

Also, no matter if you plan on participating or not, you are welcome to give your 5 cents with regards to ideas for the place, setting and everything else… its appreciated!

- Hogan
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rokulily at 8:40PM, Feb. 11, 2012
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well i guess i'll see you in may then?
Hogan at 3:12PM, May 5, 2012
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It's May, and the initial run of talks and suggestions for where to hold the Caper of 2012 have run its course, now its time to vote for the final setting!
Go here if you want to see how the voting fares or even to put down your own vote too!*
* note: because of a bad run of spammers, signing up for the forums haven to be done through he Admin of said place… yours sincerely.
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… or when you just want your Webcomics Offline!
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Hogan at 1:41PM, Oct. 5, 2012
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Aaand, we are now in the month of October and the Cameo Caper of 2012 have already run at full throttle for a month or so, with almost 50 strips collectively creating this year's story taking place in the setting of Tyrion! :-)
If you want to keep up with the Caper, you can either visit the Halloween Hub or the Webcomic Hub! The latter is a first-year try to create one single storyline for the Caper.
When webcomics clash and collide: The Webcomic Crossover & Cameo Archive
… or when you just want your Webcomics Offline!
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ronin356 at 6:21PM, Oct. 15, 2012
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Is it too late to get on this? I think it's kind of neat.
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