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Reinderdijkhuis at 3:05AM, Feb. 29, 2012
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Since coming back from my latest leave of absense from Drunk Duck, I have been posting alternate versions here that were created during the remaster process. Usually these are versions with a little more nudity, done so I could fix anatomical errors and then re-draw the clothing for the official version. If the version with extra nudity makes sense and doesn't disrupt the storyline, I post them here. But there are others, where the nudity does not make sense, and there are also some earlier pages that I did these versions for that I could go back and revise to the nakeder versions. So I was wondering if there was any interest in those. Would you like to see them, and if so, would you like them in the regular archives, as an extra page or as a separate comic? Another kind of alternate version that I haven't made yet but really want to is a version that shows off my present level of Photoshop ability. I do not currently have the time to do more than fix errors, but if I spent an extra three or four hours on a page I could really fix it up. But I really need overwhelming demand to justify that level of extra work.

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