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“Kueh a Khaettha” (Voice of Ketta) is the language and dialects typically spoken as a mother tongue by the ethnic Kettan population. Sentences are constructed in the order of SUBJECT, OBJECT, VERB with particles used to connect meanings and express emotions.
When speaking, or hearing Kettan it is important to note that it is NOT polite to speak it to someone you have just met or to someone you probably won't get to know like a stranger, cashier, or someone who is in a temporary position at your workplace. In these events Kettan sign language is encouraged.
However, this is about the spoken word and so this will be discussed later with diagrams.
Here are some examples of everyday speech to give you an idea of spoken Kettan sentence structure:
Bandarh beh kigeu ia dannha.
Bandarh (named subject particle) e-book (object particle) read.
Bandarh is reading an e-book.

Taekunh beh zhelhae go khinneh ia naameh.
Taekunh (named subject particle) jelly (material particle) heart (object particle) eat.
Taekunh is eating a jelly heart.

Kanneh ang laeh uzurh vurh.
She (unnamed or implied subject particle) tired see (concern expressing particle).
She looks tired.

Kannurh ang jaigeurh khiy.
He (unnamed or implied subject particle) pilot is.
He is a pilot.

Xakorhiy beh ekkha xeughareh. Kanneh a gueh ang terhiy hah imhae.
Xakorhiy (named subject particle) very exhausted. She (posessive particle) baby (unnamed or implied subject particle) healthy lung has.
Xakorhiy is very exhausted. Her baby has healthy lungs.

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