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The Freedom Fighters
D Comix at 6:38PM, July 25, 2012
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Hey folks,
Here I am releasing another comic series entitled The Freedom Fighters.  However, this comic isn't really new since I've been working on it for years.  I wasn't able to get a scanner until late 2010 and now I've decided to release my latest arc of the series which began in 2006.  If you liked Koopa Reign, then you'll really love this arc.  The characters designs have improved  and new characters will be introduced.  Of course, you won't see improvement of characters until National Enemies Part 2.  I haven't worked on Freedom Fighters since 2009 because I've been so busy with Skooland and Mad Chicken.  But now I want to give the Fighters some time to shine. 
Anyway this comic is about a group of four young heroes whose job is to “free” the world from evil and each member has their own unique ability along with general power blasts.    
Freedom Fighters (Ongoing)
Skooland (Updates Mondays and Fridays)
Mad Chicken Auto (On Temporary hiatus)

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