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Kou the Mad at 10:12PM, Dec. 15, 2012
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Come, let us share stores.
As a few of you know, i've been looking for a artist for a comic……alas i have failed, so i shall settle with sharing my Rough Drafts of the plots of my various stories.
i'll start with my main one.
There are various dimensions, and between them the Void. In the Void There are the Voidsmen, a species that was born of the shadows there…..among them the Void Lords, Ageless beings of immense power who watch over the various dimensions as well as the Void. Due to being so few in number while the dimensions are so various, they recruit their fellow Voidsmen as well as being from outside the void to aid them, turning them into Void Walkers, people who have stopped aging, who have been given powers in order to properly watch over all the exists, and as a fail safe, their souls tethered to the void, returning their souls there so that their bodies are rebuilt to continue again. The Story would follow one of these Voidwalkers, a human recruited from our dimension, the begining recruiting that who would be his partner for the journey, and the 2nd protagonist (but the more important of the 2).
There would be much more to it, but thats the rough draft.
i have other ideas, but thats enough for now, come share your own ideas with me.

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