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Hollowman: the adventures of captain Adan Seabourne.
Genejoke at 4:07PM, Jan. 10, 2013
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There is yet more adventures of Captain seabourne to come, but we need artist(s)
The previous chapters can be found through these links.
The next chapter is six pages once again and is the last currently written although Gunwallace has vowed to write more if artists can be found.
Hollow Man
Episode FOUR: By Gum!
In which Cpt. Adam is trapped and meets a native.

So here is me calling for an artist, or it could be artists.

okay taking a leaf out of heroes alliance book, here is a list of the pages and the persons who volunteer to do them.  you can do one or as many as you like.


If it appears we're heading down the multiple artist route I will take on a page as well.

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