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drunk duck never changes
herio at 4:54AM, Aug. 7, 2013
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joined: 1-7-2006
thught i see how the old sight was going it hasent changed much kinda nice to see it again 
my  fan comic  stitchpunk chronicles i made it too 100 pages and it full colur around page 70 and it is in its last chapters
i kinda wish i stick to one of my own story and not a fancomc but i guess i had cold feet  i reamber a revewere who hated my ealer co\omics and i make my self redraw it becase i thought i was bad i get no where some how with the fancomic i dont get sacred of rejection or cridsissm  werid no
btw i now runt the DA  fan groop of drunk duck  for some reson im up loading the hole thing over im up to page 80 in a while all 103 pages will be upyou can wach me kind of impvove a little bit

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