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Voyage of the Broken Promise Issues 1-6 Posted!
PBandJ at 9:42AM, Oct. 8, 2014
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Issues 1 through 6 are completely posted and issue #7 is on its way.
Please take a wander over and read the exciting adventures of the most daring pirates to sail the space ways!
Remember, it is NSFW for nudity, sexual content and language.
In addition to the main book, we will be launching an anthology series set in the universe of the Broken Promise and it is open to any writer or artist who would like to contibute. If you are interested in showing off your skills and playing around in this swashbuckling setting, simply send me a PQ and we can chat about what you would like to do. Perhaps we can team up writers and artists or you could work on one of the many side short stories that I've sketched out.
Even more news: We'll also be launching a third series tentatively titled “Articles of the Broken Promise”; a sort of who's-who of the major players in the Broken Promise setting and some of the background history of this expansive universe. I hope to have that going very soon.
We'd like to thank our readers who have supported us along this journey.
I invite everyone to come along on the “Voyage of the Broken Promise”.
EDIT: Issue 7 is now posting. Please check out Quackcast 192!
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