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Who would win II?
irrevenant at 7:42PM, June 12, 2017
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We haven't had one of these for a while, and every self-respecting comic fandom needs one. :)

So let's get the ball rolling.

Who do you think would win in a fight between:

* Peligroso and Ghost Rider?
* Kaine the White Shadow and Blade?
* Bombshell and Batgirl? (the Batgirl of your choice, but Post-Oracle Barbara Gordon seems a good fit).
* Dr Destiny vs Dr Strange?


And a couple of in-universe(ish) ones:

* Energize vs Tempore?
* Mr Imp vs Azumorph?
* Desperado vs Bones? (Oh wait… xD)
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LuchaCoffee at 9:36PM, June 12, 2017
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Peligroso vs Ghost Rider- Peligroso though it would end in one of those crazy chicken style drives.

Kaine the White Shadow vs Blade? I gotta go with Blade as he has multitudes of weaponry which include explosives, but they'd team up to kill the mind vampire responsible for them fighting.

Bombshell vs Cassandra Caine- Gotta go with bombshell. Bombshell is extremely cunning and could manipulate things into her favor.

Dr. Destiny vs Strange? I go with Destiny. While Strange has the experience, Doc Destiny has a more intense power level.

Energize vs Tempore- Energize for sure. That dude was pretty much the Superman of HU.

Imp vs Azumorph- Imp I think would win out over sheer puns alone.

Desperado and Bones- Gotta go with Bones on this. He hits like a train and can probably survive being hit by one.
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irrevenant at 3:20AM, June 13, 2017
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Cool answers. :)

By the end, Energize was waaaaaay out of Superman's league. Energize is powered by all life in the multiverse. His power levels are probably more comparable to The Spectre from DC or The Living Tribunal from Marvel.

I suspect you're probably right about him curbstomping Tempore but I'd be really interested to hear ShastaB24's opinion on this one. Tempore is incredibly powerful too.

In canon, Desperado beat Bones but I could totally see it going the other way on a rematch. I hope we get to see that one day…

P.S. I have a soft spot for the Cassandra Caine Batgirl too. And is it just me or does her outfit nail the ‘strikes fear into the heart of evildoers’ thing even more than Batman's?
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shastab24 at 12:14PM, June 13, 2017
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Energize and Tempore, I think Energize would win, myself. He has invulnerability when Tempore doesn't (Tempore has fast healing, but can still be hurt like a normal being). On top of that, Energize's powers just eclipse Tempore's in magnitude. Yes, Tempore has cosmic powers, but Energize does, too.

* Peligroso and Ghost Rider - Ghost Rider. He has such vast undead powers and basically immortality, which could wear down Peligroso, who doesn't seem to operate on the same level of powers.
* Kaine the White Shadow and Blade - Blade. It's hard to imagine anybody else rivaling his swordplay skills.
* Bombshell and Batgirl - Bombshell. The sheer tactical ability of Bombshell rivals any Batgirl's.
* Dr. Destiny vs Dr. Strange - Dr. Destiny. I think of him as more of a Spectre level character, myself. While Strange can find ways to neutralize Dormammu, I think he'd be outmatched by Dr. Destiny, nonetheless.
* Mr. Imp vs Azumorph - Imp. Unpredictability is a powerful weapon.

And my contributions to the speculations:
* Sparkle and Hulk
* Astral and Prime (from Malibu Comics' Ultraverse)
* Mr. Imp and Plastic Man
* Shell and Iron Man
* Titan and Supergirl
* Dasien and Power Girl
* Acrobat and Nightwing
* Plot Twist and Deadpool (the quips!)
* The Flea and Ant Man
* Wireless and Static Shock
* UNCA SAM and Thunder Megazord

* Dasien and Titan
* Bombshell and Bleeder (tech arm vs. magic arm!)

I actually can't think who would go up against Sparkle or Astral in-universe.
irrevenant at 11:03PM, June 13, 2017
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Sparkle vs Hulk: I'm going to give that to Hulk. I'm not super-familiar with just how strong Sparkle is but Hulk fought essentially the world in World War Hulk and he curbstomped it. Plus getting stronger when he rages means essentially no upper bounds on his strength. Sorry Sparkle.

Astral and Prime: Wow, snap! I almost suggested this myself but worried that Prime was too obscure. I suspect this would probably be a pretty close matchup. Assuming Astral's form is pretty sturdy, I think I'll give it to Astral because Prime tends to get goopy when you hit him enough. Plus he's still basically just a kid in there without the experience Astral can bring to bear.

Mr Imp vs Plastic Man: I'm inclined to give this one to Plastic Man because he seems to be literally indestructible and I don't think Mr Imp has ever been tested to that extent. It doesn't hurt that Plastic Man beat the tar out of a beefed-up Martian Manhunter(!!) and Batman said he could beat the entire league if he needed to.

SHELL vs Iron Man: I give this one to Tony. SHELL is powerful and a valuable member of HA but he's never given the impression of being able to singlehandedly beat the world's greatest threats. Tony has a suit that can go toe-to-toe with The Hulk! SHELL has taken a beating from significantly lesser threats (though that may be suggestive of just how scary Desperado's finger blasts really are!).

Dasien and Power Girl: Power Girl. Dasien is the heavy hitter in her universe but she's never given me the impression of being at Kryptonian levels of power.

Acrobat vs Nightwing: Love it! Hard call. Acrobat has beaten multiple superpowered opponents at the same time and he has that handy healing factor to fall back on. Conversely, Dick was trained by The Batman and has been no slouch against superpowered opponents himself (albeit usually alongside the Teen Titans). I'm going to give it to Dick because I think he's a level higher in terms of martial skill but it'd be a heck of a fight!

Plot Twist and Deadpool: Deadpool. Plot Twist's probability manipulation thing would make it a painful time for him but the guy just. will. not. STOP. And he's completely unkillable, unlike Plot Twist.

The Flea vs Ant-Man: Ant-Man. Greater experience and the ability to control insects would more than tip the battle, IMO.

Wireless and Static Shock: Hmm, Wireless. He seems more powerful. Static can basically just zap people and levitate on that disc of his. I'm guessing Wireless is immune to the zap, but either way the additional force powers, plus telekinesis plus, if things get desperate enough the ability to explode gives him this one.

(I'm opting out of U.N.C.A. S.A.M. vs the Megazord because I don't really know Power Rangers. Voltron would hand him his posterior if that helps :) ).

Dasien vs Titan: Hmm, probably Titan but that's based more on gut feel than anything solid.

Bombshell vs Bleeder: Bleeder does have the ability to get under Aria's skin, but I'm giving Bombshell this one based on her tactical mind. She'd find a way to win.

Okay new ones:

* Exocet vs Victory
* Militia vs Deadshot
* Amalgam vs Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)
* Angelblood (Pre-depowering) vs Wonder Woman
* Target vs Arsenal (Roy Harper)
* Bombshell vs Mr Terrific (Michael Holt)
* L.E.G.E.N.D vs Red Tornado

In-universe ones:
* Astral vs The Blonde Marvel
* Fury/Alpha vs Sparkle
* Bones vs The Baku

(Note: None of these answers are binding - if these fights actually end up happening in the comics they may well end differently. Outcomes differ depending on the circumstances anyway).
LuchaCoffee at 8:23AM, June 14, 2017
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Exocet vs Victory- I haven't read Victory, but doesn't Exocet have the ability to channel the sun energy? I'd go with Exocet.

* Militia vs Deadshot- While Militia has enhanced vision and military training, Deadshot Literally makes impossible shots; so Deadshot for this.
* Amalgam vs Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)- I don't remember all the powers of Carols Marvel but Amalgam has roughly 7 different superpowers.
* Angelblood (Pre-depowering) vs Wonder Woman- Going with Wonder Woman, She's got super strength, can fly ( some incarnations), has a sword, shield gifted from the gods, and a lasso of truth.
* Target vs Arsenal (Roy Harper)- Target for sure. Arsenal's got the guns, but Target is just off the wall enough to get him good.

* Bombshell vs Mr Terrific (Michael Holt)- I'd say Bombshell again but Terrific would put the hurting on her.
* L.E.G.E.N.D vs Red Tornado- Red Tornado, simply for his awesome costume.

In-universe ones:
* Astral vs The Blonde Marvel- BM for me. She's got super powers and she's got that Mama bear mentality. You never wanna go against SuperMom.
* Fury/Alpha vs Sparkle- I think Sparkle could pull it off but would need to know that poem to help cool off Alpha.
* Bones vs The Baku- Bones would probably wade through Ninja guts to get to the Baku.

New Ones!!

Peligroso vs Alpha
Vora vs. Cyborg
Roof Rat vs The Foot (TMNT)
Virtus vs Quicksilver
Comet Kid vs Guy Gardner
Blue Jay vs Banshee
RISE vs the Avengers

I like my horror films like I love my burgers…Full of Cheese!!

shastab24 at 10:56AM, June 14, 2017
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* Exocet vs Victory - Victory. His powers are intense and I actually don't know their upper limits.
* Militia vs Deadshot - I'd say Deadshot, too. He's just that good a shot.
* Amalgam vs Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) - Amalgam. His powers just outmatch hers.
* Angelblood (Pre-depowering) vs Wonder Woman - Wonder Woman. She's defeated gods.
* Target vs Arsenal (Roy Harper) - Not familiar enough with Arsenal's abilities.
* Bombshell vs Mr Terrific (Michael Holt) - Mr. Terrific. His intelligence and tech just outmatch hers.
* L.E.G.E.N.D vs Red Tornado - Red Tornado. LEGEND has seemed just a little more vulnerable.

* Astral vs The Blonde Marvel - Blonde Marvel. Astral would be a little distracted with her, considering her ample allies.
* Fury/Alpha vs Sparkle - I think Alicia would take this. I mean, both have strength increase by the increase of anger (Sparkle just having all emotions do it), but Sparkle is emotional in all ways, and Alicia is terrifying when she is angry, and fear paralyzes (no matter how strong you are).
* Bones vs The Baku - The Baku. Bones is tough and won't quit, but the Baku withstood almost everything HA could throw at him none the worse for the wear.

* Peligroso vs Alpha - Alicia again. Her sheer size and strength when angry enough can crush Peli easily (remember, she took on some heavy hitters and only the mantra brought her down). Granted, if Peli knew the mantra, it would be a different story.
* Vora vs. Cyborg - Vora. Cyborg may have a lot of tech, but that can be fried with proper direction of electricity.
* Roof Rat vs The Foot (TMNT) - Roof Rat. All the Foot have is numbers.
* Virtus vs Quicksilver - Quicksilver. I think he's faster (can't say for certain). Would be a close one, though, considering both have proven they can take on some powerful beings (didn't Virtus win AFL one year?).
* Comet Kid vs Guy Gardner - Hard to say. Cosmic energy vs. the power of a lantern ring? I may pass on this one.
* Blue Jay vs Banshee - Blue Jay, I'd say. His bird form can more easily out-maneuver Banshee, which would be the deciding factor.
* RISE vs the Avengers - The Avengers. No matter their lineup, they always have greater power on their side, and often the keen tactical mind of Captain America.

* Jack-of-All-Trades vs. Taskmaster
* Icebox vs. Chairface Chippendale (from the Tick)
* Relik vs. Wonder Man (battle of the super-powered actors)
* Fearless vs. Nightcrawler
* Energize vs. Silver Surfer
* Thanatos vs. Infectious Lass
* Bombshell vs. Sonya Blade (Mortal Kombat)
Nepath at 3:38AM, June 15, 2017
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Im actually gonna chime in and defend my character! ;)

Jack-of-All-Trades vs. Taskmaster - not overly familiar with Jack-of-All-Trades but if it is the “Everyman Project” character, then probably him. Narrowly, due to power set

Icebox vs. Chairface Chippendale (from the Tick) - pass

Relik vs. Wonder Man (battle of the super-powered actors) - Sorry Relik, but I give this to Wonder Man. Over the years he has thrown down with some heavier hitters than Relik.

Fearless vs. Nightcrawler - Nightcrawler. In terms of power, both are probably similar but Nightcrawler would have greater agility, more skill with teleportation and lets not forget his tail!

Energize vs. Silver Surfer - Energize, no contest. Energize is more akin to someone like the pre-retcon Molecule Man. He could simply return Surfer to being Norrin Radd

Thanatos vs. Infectious Lass - Pass

Bombshell vs. Sonya Blade (Mortal Kombat) - Bombshell. Both skilful and it would be close, but Bombshell is like a female HA Batman. She always has a trick up her sleeve..
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shastab24 at 11:11AM, June 15, 2017
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Jack-of-All-Trades is from the Delegation of Hurt (the three supervillains generally considered pathetic, from the Thrawn and Crime-Warp issues).
irrevenant at 4:38AM, June 17, 2017
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* Vora vs. Cyborg - Vora. She has the ability to make machines do what she wants. Guess what Cyborg is made of?
* Jack of All Trades vs Taskmaster - Taskmaster because JoaT is an idiot.
* Comet Kid vs Guy Gardner - Guy. When CK fought Ty his power constructs didn't seem as resilient as a Green Lantern Ring and Guy is currently rocking both Green Lantern and Red Lantern rings.

Otherwise, what everyone else said.

Okay, our Teen Titans round:
* Bombshell vs Robin
* Blue Jay vs Changeling (aka Beast Boy)
* Omega vs Superboy
* Timesweep vs Kid Flash
* Tazer vs Starfire
* Bleeder vs Wonder Girl
* Darkness vs Raven
* Azumorph vs Aqualad (Jackson Hyde)
Nepath at 6:14AM, Oct. 16, 2017
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I can provide the answer to one of these questions starting this week as Dasien is about to fight the new Energize in Energize: Black!
irrevenant at 1:32AM, Oct. 24, 2017
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If that actually is Energize I'd expect that to be a curbstomp.

It'll be an interesting test.

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