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The Internet is under attack (again)
Banes at 8:57PM, June 15, 2017
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A couple years ago, Net Neutrality came under attack.

Mass protests put a stop to it, and Net Neutrality laws have been in place since then.

Now the powerful interests are at it again.

The FCC is proposing to “take a week whacker” to Net Neutrality laws, laws that prevent ISP's from playing favorites with Internet content.

The move is desired by cable service providers like Verizon and Comcast, and would favor big corporations that can pay for “fast lane” service, while smaller sites and individuals will be vulnerable to our content being delivered much slower, or not at all.

Many sites have signed on to protest this new attempt to strangle the Internet: After saying they were too big to be concerned about it this time, Netflix wised up and got on board.

Should we join this protest? It's still not clear what form the protest will take on July 12…but this can potentially affect all of us!

Info on Net Neutrality:

From John Oliver:

Email a protest:

or here:

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Comments should express your support for strong Net Neutrality, backed by Title II oversight of ISPs

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