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Mafia Games I: Sign Up
Junkyard Joe at 6:40PM, July 14, 2017
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Hey guys! So if you've ever played Town of Salem on steam, you'll sort of know what to expect. If not, this is a bit of a mystery solving, trickery based forum game. The Mafia Game has two teams and an independent. The first team is the Townies, mostly powerless people who only know their own role, but can vote in the hangings, and their goal is to execute all the mafia. The Mafia's goal is to kill all the townies, and all mafia members know who the other mafia is. Independents are just supposed to screw around and possibly survive to the end.

The game works in 24 hour cycles, day and night. The first day is elections, where the mayor and pardoner get elected. After that, is the first night, where players can use their abilities if they have them. The next day cycle, a narrative will be posted listing what happened last night and who was killed. Then the voting for who should be executed begins. And after someone is either hanged or not hanged, the next night cycle. Rinse and repeat till either the Townies or Mafia win.

And now, for a listing of the roles!

Townie Roles!

Citizen: You are the majority of the population. But you're also useless! All you can do is vote. (Everyone who doesn't get a special role)

Veteran: Like the Citizen, but you've got one extra life. Use it wisely! (1 Player)

Doctor: You can heal people! Once a night you can pick a person to heal. If they are attacked then this saves their life. Also if you heal someone who has a bomb on them, it removes it. (1 Player)

Bartender: Frosty cold ones! Once a night, you can tend the bar and get another player so drunk, they can't use their abilities for the night. Nullifies any actions they were going to do. (1 Player)

Vigilante: Take justice into your own hands! Kill once a night! But be warned, you must work off your own intuition, try not to kill innocent people or you might just hang up that cowl. (1 Player)

Mafia Roles!

Mob Boss: The Mob Boss has multiple abilities. Firstly, they can “send a message” once a game. This will nullify a players actions for a full day AND night cycle while they run away from the town in fear, until they return those two cycles later.

Their second ability is “you're a made man now”, in which they can override a player's role and make them a Gangster. This doesn't work for two roles though, the Doctor and Vigilante.

The third ability is “kiss of death”, which means if the godfather wants, he can have one of his goons automatically killed. This is to promote teamwork, so you gotta work together.

And the fourth and final ability is “If you want something done right…” but this one only activates by default. If all the Gangsters are dead, the Mob Boss gets the ability to make hits himself, to give him a fighting chance. (1 Player)

Gangster: You have one ability. KILL. Make a hit once a night, follow the Mob Boss orders. (2-3 Players)

Mad Hatter: Make hats for people! But the hats are also deadly bombs. Each night you can either put a bomb into circulation, or detonate all bombs in circulation. You can have up to TWO hat bombs in circulation at once. No hints are dropped as you plant the bombs, but as soon as they detonate, hints will be dropped. (1 Player)

Independent Roles!

Hitman: Someone has hired you to make sure everyone in this town dies. Your win condition is for every single other player to be dead. Have fun! (1 Player)

Election Roles!

Mayor: The Mayor is an elected role, which means anyone can become it if they get the votes. Mafia, Townie, or Independent. First ability is “Election Fever”, which means you can do one insta-lynch when the election is over and even the pardoner can't stop it from happening. However at this point you have ZERO clues as to who is the mafia.

Second ability of the mayor is “Executive Power”, which means your vote counts for twice as much.

Third ability is “Get Down Mister President!!!”, which means when people try to kill you, any living bodyguards will take the bullet instead. (1 Player, elected)

Pardoner: The runner-up in the election, but still better than nothing. The pardoner can stop up to two lynchings from happening. Its a limited power so use it wisely to save the innocent! (1 player, elected)

Bodyguards: This role can only be given to Citizens, the useless role, and they are randomly selected. Your ability is, when people try to attack the Mayor, they attack you instead. (2 Players, random)
Junkyard Joe at 6:41PM, July 14, 2017
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This post is to list the people who have signed up. We'll need a minimum of at least 15 folks to keep it balanced I think, unless we want to remove some roles. But a maximum of twenty! Anyways, sign up if you're interested!

1. Niccea the Great Deceiver!
2. Ayesinback
last edited on July 21, 2017 5:13PM
Niccea at 3:31AM, July 15, 2017
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I'm game. Niccea the Great Deceiver is back.
ayesinback at 2:23PM, July 20, 2017
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I am #2, 😊
You TOO can be (multiple choice)
lalaland at 6:59PM, Sept. 10, 2017
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Is this thread still active?

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