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Introducing Children of the Gods
Digital_Genesis at 10:10PM, April 8, 2018
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Hello everybody. I have been on the site lurking for a while. I am a huge fan of indies and webcomics and love the creator community. After years of being inspired of the amazing work and talent out there, I thought that I would get off of the fence and try my own hand at it. I have been drawing and writing my whole life but always made some kind of excuse as to why I couldn't do it myself. School, job, kids, I don't have enough time… no on will want to read it… you name it. But when you have these movies playing in your head constantly, sooner or later everything else in your life has to wait because they have to come out. So I got with my buddy and fellow artist, Iam Bennu, and we made a comic, Children of the Gods and we uploaded the first chapter tonight. Excited to be an official part of this community and looking forward to seeing it continue to grow. Thanks

- Sean Raphael aka “Mr. Infinite.”
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