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Which one of these 4 ideas sounds the best to you?
JaymonRising at 12:24AM, Dec. 21, 2018
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I know it's usually best to listen to my heart on these things, but I also want to gain democratic advice by hearing the side of my brain people find more creative, even if it might be an idea I may or may not scoff at. That's just my way of stepping out of my comfort zone (cause believe me: even when I'm in it I can't be bothered to be comfortable enough anyway if I, ironically enough, have to try hard to maintain it)

However, I will put an asterisk on which one I would most prefer. I would explain the story of each first, but it's best to hear the plot out first.

1. Beauty and the beast gender-bent.
 (with the “beast” instead being an assassin looking for a clean slate before her anti-tracking hardware expires/becomes obsolete, and the “beauty” being an eccentric crossdresser who also wants to learn how to cook, and happens to have a tech enthusiast mother)

2. Twilight version of a nightmare on elm street origin story, a tragicomedy which elaborates on the more romantic beginnings of Frederic Charles Krueger and how his careless meddling with dream magic and the other side cost him the love of his life.

3. Reverse “Who framed Roger Rabbit?”, with cartoonists living in a cartoon world.
 (Including a fictional aspiring cartoonist who meets a comic strip character that hates cartoonists for the same exact/reverse reason that Bob Hoskins's character hates toons)

4. Jim and Shawn: Space Knights from the future, where Jands gain the help of the JollyJack hamster to vanquish a vengeful faceless dictatress from conquering existence itself.*

And those are it.

If you can just tell me which one is YOUR favourite that would suffice.

If you want to do that along with elaborate and even contribute brainstorming/constructive ideas/creative input, that would be even better and I would be very appreciative.

That is all.
bravo1102 at 7:18AM, Dec. 21, 2018
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For number 3 you could set it in the same time as Who Framed Roger Rabbit is set the classic years of Warner Brothers, MGM and Disney with characters including Chuck Jones, Fritz Freling, Tex Avery and the rest of that crazy crew.
The fellows behind Looney Toons were every bit as looney as their characters.
Could also put in the great newspaper cartoonists like Al Capp and Hal Foster.

And the young aspiring cartoonist could be based on Ralph Bakshi or Stan Lee however you want to go.

Or you could do it as a variant retelling of Bakshi's animators rebellion against the Disney of the 1960s.

The original book Who Censored Roger Rabbit actually looks at some of the censorship battles in Warner Brothers when they created the character Jessica Rabbit was based on in cartoons like “Red Hot Riding Hood ”

Or maybe more contemporary with CGI artists versus conventional animators.

Just throwing ideas out there for possible satire and social commentary.
JaymonRising at 8:54AM, Dec. 21, 2018
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@bravo1102 So the 3rd one then.

I'll see if there's any possibility of accessing the book. It has looked sufficiently interesting and I've heard they had to change things around when adapting to the Robert Zemeckis film

The idea of using CGI artists versus contemporary animators sounds a bit challenging (since I have yet to work with Blender) but I'll see what can be done.

Actually she's more or less based on me during the late 2000s, when Obama first became president (she's going to be 17 and somehow manages to actually work in cartooning yet realizes it's an extremely tedious job after all), although I like the idea of having Chuck Jones, Winsor Mccay, Argentine comic artist Quino and maybe Don Bluth be one of her influences.

Most of the cartoonists (and maybe even the cartoons themselves) might have to be fictionalized versions of their contemporaries. The closest I can do is make caricatures of the cartoonists in the pseudo style of Mort Drucker and Alan Martin without directly addressing their names.

Thank you kindly.
bravo1102 at 3:44AM, Dec. 23, 2018
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It isn't that it sounds the best, but it resonates with me and I think offers the greatest possibilities.

Often an idea sounds great, even looks great and others think it's great. But then it just doesn't excite once the work starts and it's “meh” I'm so done with THAT.

I've learned to be very careful what I commit to because it's so easy to just throw one's hands up and want to walk away. I have a tendency to want to do that around halfway even on short issue-length comics let alone the hundreds of pages that seem the norm in webcomic land.

Choose wisely and something you want to do and will see to the end.
JaymonRising at 6:02PM, Dec. 23, 2018
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Ah ok.

Yeah, commitment is noble but knowing your limits and strengths is not only more helpful but more plausible. Never thought of it like that (although I have done both). Thanks again.

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