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Quail's Random is great
lothar at 7:50PM, Jan. 19, 2019
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there are tons of comics here that haven't updated in like 10 years , but still great.
El Cid at 9:18PM, Jan. 19, 2019
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So true. There are days when I spend more time looking at random moldy oldy stuff than reading currently updating comics; there were some really good comics here way back when. My Favorites list is stacked with long-dead titles that I'm just praying will be resurrected some day.
Hapoppo at 9:23AM, Jan. 21, 2019
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Not that I'm complaining, but I still don't get where this sudden resurgence is coming from to begin with… for me it was all happenstance, I saw a post on FaceBook, wondered how things were going, popped back into the site, and saw that others were uploading. But, it's a good sign that it could continue

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