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Your personal comic soundtrack?
quinn o matic at 1:40PM, Sept. 18, 2019
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I'm often inspired by music when working on or thinking about my comic. In that vein, I decided to make a playlist that was less than 20 songs in no particular order that fit my characters, world, tone, or themes in one way or another. Kinda like a soundtrack!

Anyway. I thought it'd be cool if other people did this and shared it, or you could just share one song or album that's particularly inspiring to you when working on your stuff.

(I also need new music to listen to)
NicAndBen at 1:54PM, Sept. 18, 2019
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This is a really cool idea and I dig your playlist! I'm also very much inspired by music. Here's a playlist for Potato & Kraut :) I'll be honest, keeping it under 20 tracks was pretty hard lol
bluecuts34 at 4:08PM, Sept. 18, 2019
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Venus in Furs - Velvet Underground x20

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