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I just had a vision
Loserwhoeatspoptarts at 11:04AM, Oct. 19, 2019
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Today I woke up with a vision

As I slumbered last night I’ve seem to have made something interesting in my sleep. I have made an (IMO) interesting story but I can only remember major plot lines. Here it is.

Devil son
Devil son realizes he has powers
Devil son goes to underworld arena and is a paid mercenary with dads last name.
Father confronts son about it. Son confesses.
Father teaches his son how to control his power. And teaches son a different way of life. Father becomes demon king. Son tries to work for father , and father refuses. Big argument. Son is banished from underworld. Time passes. Civil war breaks out. The fathers back is to the wall. Father’s enemy speaks his sons name. The banishment curse is broken. Son rushes to the underworld stronger than ever.

I know it is a bit rubbish now but if I , give this story some background, introduce characters, and just give the story some life I think I have a chance at a interesting piece.

But here’s the problem I can’t draw. If there is someone who thinks I have a good idea and is willing to work with me our friend ship will become great .

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