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Hey all, I'm Kagaenod. I'm a Genre Mad Scientist, always trying to do something different and interesting.
Kagaenod at 10:15AM, Oct. 23, 2019
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This isn't my first rodeo here, but I figured I'd finally introduce myself on the forum. I'm Rob, been making comics on here (and other sites) for a little over ten years now. I've done everything from animal comics to art comics, while also dabbling in literary short-stories and game-design.

I can be pretty shy though. We've shuffled our feet so much that the comic is somewhat outdated, but the artist and I have decided to bite the bullet and finally release our comic, Coquin, on the site.

Coquin is a newspaper gag-strip style of comic about a brash French journalist, a gentlemanly British genie, and a cast of unusual neighbors living in the American city of Philadelphia. Although (somewhat) topical and inspired by hot-button political topics, Coquin is a character-based story about getting along despite different nationalities and beliefs. It's less Republican vs Democrat and more about finding a balance between traditional and radical schools of thought.

The artist (Gregory Floch) and I hope you enjoy our goofy brand of humor. It's a pleasure to overcome my stage fright and meet you all.
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