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Plethora Island
pkism at 10:48PM, June 3, 2020
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Published a chunk of my new webcomic Plethora Island and I'm aiming to have the rest done by Sunday. It's a character-centric supernatural/action story with some gay on the side. Let me know if you check it out :]

Story synopsis:

Mason Lannfuil and his older sister move back to their birthplace, a secluded island called Plethora populated by monster people and fantasy creatures of all sorts. While the island’s existence has been no secret to him, Mason was too young at the time to remember living there and now he must face the existence of the supernatural in person. At high school, he reluctantly joins the so-called “Conspiracy Club” in hopes that he can learn more about his family’s past and the secrets his sister has been keeping from him. But between the club’s eclectic members, their penchant for finding trouble, and the island’s dangers lying just under the surface of society, Mason finds fitting in as an ordinary human might be too much for him. As such, he becomes willing to try something drastic in order to even the playing field…

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