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Typical Strange - What's the Story?
Banes at 11:37AM, June 30, 2020
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Does anyone visit the individual forums of comics? Surely not! But I have a few minutes to kill…

The newest issue just finished the other week and I took a break following that. I'm starting break out the pages for the next script now.

“What's the Story” started at the end of 2018 and pages dribbled out at about one or two pages a month or less. With regular month-long hiatuses.

It was the pandemic that really kicked me back into gear. Something about this massive event gave me the push I needed - if life was going to change in radical ways that we still can't predict, I was determined to finish that story!

I went hard, doing more pages in April, May and June 2020 than I'd done in all of 2019! It was good to be back.

This story almost could have served as a series finale. Almost.
It couldn't for two reasons:
- I'm not ending the series, and
- It only featured Oscar and TK. The rest of the main cast was absent or barely there. A series finale would have to feature all six main characters.

But that ending was very moving to me. Not sure how effective it was to anyone else; I may have not set it up quite how I should have. But it's a beautiful ending to me. The kind of emotion I will shoot for if I ever do an actual series finale!

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