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Hello! I've returned!
Kiddermat at 2:06PM, Oct. 21, 2020
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joined: 10-21-2020
Hi there! I used to be "ittermat" on this site- but I couldnt log into or get a password reset for it- so here we are on a new account! not only that but I wanted to start over anyway and not have my old comics hanging over my head.

So I started over! Hi there!

I honestly dont have alot to say.. I mean- my comics called short changed- and its not that great- its a slice of life thing about 4 friends (A fox, a rabbit, a lynx hybrid and a Chinchilla- they're all named after currency because I thought it would be funny…) nothing fancy- nothing linear- but I enjoy making it so theres that! hahah

Im still working on updating the comic site its self so it looks nicer- so forgive how terrible it currently looks.

Anyway! hi again-

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