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Hi I've decided to publish my comic series here!
HawkandFloAdventures at 5:48AM, Aug. 8, 2022
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Hi i'm Headdypigeon aka HawkandFloAdventures!. I'm a first time comic book creator (I'm in my 6th month) and i've decided to start uploading my comic series onto the Duck. I feel like I might have a better chance finding an audience for my comics here as opposed to Webtoon.

I don't feel my series is on brand for that platform but looking at a lot of what is advertised on here and the style of the comics I hope I find more of a base here. I was in the middle of redoing backgrounds and improving art work so even though my series is much further a long on webtoon (chapter 15 and over 200 pages) you folks will be getting to see the improved backgrounds and quality of life changes first. So I hope that's something, I like the site already it reminds me a lot of the old forums I used to go on ^^.

Here's a link to my Patreon page

my web comic Hawk and Flo:2 Ice Cream Truck of Doom!

And my webtoon Call To Action Fight scene entry the Thriller Made of Vanilla!

Let me know what you all think because i'm still new at doing all of this and any constructive feedback is more than appreciated.

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