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Hello everyone!!
Casscade at 9:22AM, Nov. 11, 2022
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Just dropping by to say hello! My name is Cass.

I found this site a few months back and found it to be very charming (especially since it has its own podcast which is really neat!). So after a few months of lurking I finally caved in and decided to mirror my comic on here as well.

Excited to explore the community more and find some great comics to read! ^^
Nice to meet you all~

(Psst…Btw if any admins see this: if there is ever a need for a backup artist to draw ducks for the site feel free to send me a message! Ducks are my favorite animal to draw so I would be absolutely thrilled to! ;D lmao)
ThrisbyDude at 11:10AM, Nov. 11, 2022
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Hello, Casscade! Welcome to The Duck! Hope you'll really enjoy the charm here (yes, the podcast is a great addition to the site!).

I'm not a mod or an admin, but I'm {also} interested to see what ducks you'll come up with!
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