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Slickpuppy at 12:02PM, Sept. 17, 2023
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Heya! To keep it simple: I'm an old geek of a cartoonist who wants to give this whole webcomic deal a try while my hands and eyes are still in good working order. I've cone up with a whimsical story I think people will like. I'm starting at a weekly update pace, and looking to increase that as I find my rhythm for creating the strip. I'm hoping some of you fine folks will see fit to come along for the ride.

“History” is lighthearted adventure story that pokes a little fun at the standard Big Medieval Fantasy Epic. It's about two nice folks, an aging married couple, who used to be heroes and adventurers of a sort, but gave it all up long ago to be quiet homebodies. Then suddenly, sort of by accident, they find themselves swept up in the fight against a dark power that threatens a great kingdom. And there's nothing for them to do but cope with it. They're not as spry as they used to be, but they're still brave and clever and resourceful. And they're still crazy-honeymoon in love and deeply devoted to each other, even after decades together, which is always a help.

I think the story borders on what they call “cozy fantasy”, with all the epic stuff filtered through the viewpoint of these two unassuming characters, and how it all effects them. I hope you all will get to like them as much as I have in developing them and their story. Please check it out, and let me know what you think. Thanks and enjoy!

History - Start Here
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