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Good Morning Chumps !

Fall is in the art and I am drinking some instant coffee. Its' almost Ocrober and that means No-nuts November is right aroung the corner. I Cant atrualy eat nuts, not the tree ones anyway. I can eat peanuts beacuase they don't grow on trees, but I understand that some of you might be allergic to peanuts so I'll stop talking about them now.
The first comic I'm gonna talk about is below these words

Comic - The RedBook
Author - Gangerworld
Year - 2013
It's not Some kind of social network site or a chessy Craigslist Knockoff. It's a scifi story. Its starts out with some aliens exploring some other aliens ancient alien wreckage and then swithes the stroy to some humans. I'm pretty sure they are humans. Anyway, It has some interesting world building and I would like to see where it goes, but since it hasn't updated in over a decade, maybe we won't see that.



This one is about Vampires.

Comic - Once Bitten
Author - aycelcus
Year - 2006

It's like a comic strip with panels and stuff. There's some good stuff in there and I deffs read the thing but I'm on the bus now. Check it out.


Comic - Michael McClain s Badgirlz
Author - mstudioscomics
Year - 2007

That one is about some girlzzzz … It starts with them meeting another girl at the bus stop and she's gonna tell her story and at first I thought it would be like the Arabian nights but it turns out that it's just the set up first a joke and then they go to comic con. It's in black and white.

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