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Hello you people
It's raining today ….
Here are some comics about unusual pigs. one is a cyborg and the other is a mutant. I wanted to add a third comic to this list about a space pig but I couldn't find it. I have a vague recollection of a comic I saw many years ago when I first started using internet. It was a simple black and white comic about a pig that has a space ship. now when I search “space pig ” I just see a lot of other stuff and porn.
The webcomics of the year 2001 were a different kinda thing than they are now. There was this other comic called “space losers” that I used to read and then there was “sexy losers” and “mall monkeys” I think it was called. so many comics that I have no idea where they are now in the sea of content.

Without further nostalgia …. here's my pics for today -

This is the one I thought of when I woke up on the sofa this morning after falling asleep playing stardew valley. It;s about a pig that has cybernetic enhancements. this here story takes place in a jungle. I remember it being different but this is all that's here. It's pretty cool. The animals are cool.

Comic:Mercenary Pig
OK, this one is drawn in a cool style. I don't know why but it reminds me of Ninja Turtles. There are Quite a few sequals, Check out the Authors profile to see.
All around, I kinda miss the old internet from around the turn of the century. There are tons of great artists making stuff now… but it was cool when it all was wild and new. Anyway a lot of that stuff is lost now, with a lot of comic sites going dark and artists forgetting to pay for their hosting. ….. All those pages , Lost , like tears …. in the rain.

time to go ——
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