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What questions would you like to see in a Creator's Interview?
PaulEberhardt at 10:54PM, March 25, 2024
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* If you don't believe in reincarnation, just like me, just pretend for a moment: as what do you think would you like to be reborn in your next life? And what will it actually turn out to be?

* What do you consider the worst (and not deliberate) waste of time ever?

A whole barrage of questions, this one, but possibly worth pulling through, especially when there are several names in the credits:
* What are your thoughts on collaboration on a comic? Have you ever tried? What do you think are the most important things to consider for a collab to be successful? What do you look for in a collaborator? If you had not so good experiences in collaborating, what should have been different, what will you make sure of next time, if there is a next time?

* What do you feel are the best and what are the worst aspects of getting older as a (web)comic creator?
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