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Phantom Force 3000 DTIYS contest
HawkandFloAdventures at 3:59PM, Feb. 10, 2024
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I've decided to announce this early.

The Deadline for this contest is the 9th of March. The Winner and the submissions will be showcased in that weeks chapter ^^

The contest itself is a DTYIS with a twist. The assignment is to draw Aluta Continua or Chorley from Phantom Force 3000 with at least one of your own characters. Must be SFW! After that it's entirely up to you what scenario you wish to put these characters in. Please note Psychoborg (RIght) Is not one of my characters and is a creation of @MK_Wizard

Here are some other reference pictures. I added the Test Panel because so far it's the only drawing of Aluta's full body i've had the chance to do so far lol.

^Note the wings depicted her are retractable. Sort of like Arch angel from X-men

The winner of the contest will receive a crossover desktop drawn by me. Between the winner's series and Phantom Force 3000 (Note if the winner wishes it can be a Hawk and Flo Adventures or Thirley Peak themed desktop).

Note: Contest will also accept regular fan art

Have fun and I hope you all enjoy <3
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