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The "Call to Arms Contest" has begun!
mks_monsters at 4:59PM, March 1, 2024
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Hello, friends! I have some big news for you. I have been looking forward to this moment for a long time and since we're at Chapter 3 of Psychoborg…. I am happy to announce that the Call to Arms Contest has officially begun!

As you all know by now, and spoiler alert if you don't, Psychoborg's iconic big arm has been destroyed so the poor fellah needs a new one. This is where all of you come in. Everyone and anyone is free to create a new arm for our favourited foul-mouthed cyborg. And it can be in any medium. 3D, sketch, inks, a model or it can even be a photo of a cardboard model of an arm. It can be a new battle arm, a dressy arm or anything. Get creative! Artistic freedom for the win! With only three rules;

1- No AI generated images or stuff. Please.
2- Keep it SFW. No porn. At all. I get that Psychoborg is hot, but please, this ain't that kind of contest.
3- No using the arm of a copyrighted cyborg/character.

And that's it! Prizes go as follows;

- 1st Place winner gets a hardcover poster of the comic's cover and $50 dollars, and Psychoborg wears your arm in Chapter 5.
- 2nd Place winner gets a softcover poster of the comic's cover and $25 dollars.
- 3rd Place winner gets a glossy print of the comic's cover and $10 dollars.
- All participants and I mean ALL, get their arms cameoed in the comic in a special scene featuring Psychoborg's wardrobe.

Because I also know how difficult it can be to draw and design a cyborg's arm from experience (it took me four tries to get his now-lost-arm right), I am giving a lot of time for everyone to submit. The deadline to submit is May 10. Please submit your entry to my Discord thread here. Don't worry if you're not a member of my Discord channel yet. Joining is easy. Just introduce yourself and I'll welcome you with open arms. There will then be a voting period for one week. Winners are selected according to the number of likes in the form of emojis they get.

Good luck and most importantly, have fun!
- MK_Wizard
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