PeterAaronRose on March 7, 2007

Welcome to KILLING DEMONS! Over the next couple of months, we'll be running the entire original graphic novel online as it saw publication in its print edition. My name is Peter Aaron Rose and I'll be providing running commentary as new pages are posted to give some background into the book and the creative process. I created and wrote the KILLING DEMONS graphic novel, which was illustrated by Brent White of Image Comics' Patient Zero fame, and will be sharing a lot of information that's never been revealed before during the course of this online serialization, in addition to news about the upcoming feature film from Atmosphere and Platinum Studios.

This first page is actually the original cover to the book, which was designed to entice readers to “enter” the world of KILLING DEMONS by having its protagonist, Joshua Brand, beckoning readers inwards. Personally, I think Brent knocked this cover out of the park by creating a truly iconic image that is simple in its design, but conveys the sense of terror that is held within the pages of the comic through the strong use of shadows and shading. If a cover is successful, it should hopefully whet the appetite of the potential reader, and I think this image alone generated more interest in the book then any other.

Before we get too far into things, I wanted to thank our original book editor, Kelly Sue DeConnick, for really helping us bring focus to the project, as well as Matt Fraction for his brilliant book design and coordination. Thanks, guys!

And, once again, thanks for checking out KILLING DEMONS. I hope you enjoy the book. Your comments and questions are always appreciated.