check if not mate..

rmccool on Nov. 5, 2010

tossed 5 pages of lan and dido..and bee talking ect..before optioning to skip it..
..Lan is married and enjoys being married. see the 39 kids…comic is mostly pg.. see conflict.. then went back and got this out of the trash as well it's important to the plot..

. yes we shall get back to Alex and montigo on monday..
Yes Zandars saga is an adult comic.. has a good plot..and nice art..and other stuff… if you go to page 87 however you'll find what Lan speculation is about climbing down drain pipes to escape..not doing anything with a bunny girl..
page 87 is here..

montigo and Hibibah have show up in a few other odd places if you look you might spot them..the caper 2010 is here..