Episode 648 - Kawaii's Choice

Aug 14, 2023

This week's cast was an experiment and if it works out we'll do more! We came up with the idea for discussing a comic live on air, the hard part was choosing it, for that we settled on our trusty Kawaiidaigakusei to help us. She chose “Up the Pyramid” by BUDLO. And this was her rationale:

Topics and Show Notes

“A comic that I had already featured, but deserves a second run in the spotlight. There is a chapter specifically that would work for a Quackcast episode discussion titled, ”My Mother, Her Baby, & Mary Cassatt“ that went live a few weeks after the comic had been featured. It is a story that is told in very beautiful panels, set in real world settings, and it struck a chord with me when I read it over again and gave me a real pause in order to think about life paths. The chapter could resonate with many people on the site.”

that seemed like amazing reasoning to us and so we chatted about that chapter of Budlo's comic, page after page, all having seen it for the first time. So fancy that, a webcomic podcast that finally talks about webcomics!

Do you think this works? If not, why not?

This week Gunwallace has given us the theme to NSFW - Heavy on the bass and lots of groove, this is a very 1970s sound!This tune sticks with a line and rides it through to the end. It’s a really solid groove that knows what it wonts and how to get there.

Topics and shownotes


Our comic of Discussion: https://www.theduckwebcomics.com/UP_THE_PYRAMID/5709169/

Featured comic:
VIRTUS - https://www.theduckwebcomics.com/news/2023/aug/09/featured-comic-virtus/

Featured music:
NSFW - https://www.theduckwebcomics.com/NSFW/ - by Arborcides, rated A.

Special thanks to:
Gunwallace - http://www.virtuallycomics.com
Ozoneocean - https://www.theduckwebcomics.com/user/ozoneocean
Kawaiidaigakusei - https://www.theduckwebcomics.com/user/kawaiidaigakusei
Tantz Aerine - https://www.theduckwebcomics.com/user/Tantz_Aerine/

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Future-cast - Gendered fashion

Episode 647 - characters screwed over by adapters

Aug 7, 2023

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We're having a chat about characters that differ from the source material and turn out crap because of it. Characters where the people adapting them didn't care, understand, or even take time to read the original stuff because they thought they knew better.

Episode 646 - FIGHT! Drawing and references

Jul 31, 2023

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Drawing fight scenes is damn hard! One of the best ways to deal with this is to use references, but that's hard too because it's a pain to find the ones you need! So today we're talking about making your own reference pics for fighting because that's what I just finished for Tantz- I stripped shirtless and wielded some of my many antique swords in fight poses for Tantz to use in her new fantasy webcomic.

Episode 645 - AI-cast

Jul 24, 2023

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We're chatting about the current state of AI, it's use, abuse, and the moronic way it's typically being utalised by mid-level businesses to screw over creative people and save money in the short term.

Episode 644 - Psychocast

Jul 17, 2023

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We're talking about the pop-culture myth of psychopaths and sociopaths and other stuff like serial killers. Yes those conditions do exist, well sort of (not exactly with those names), but the pop-culture versions we know from the media are mostly myths. The real things aren't as exciting or flashy as the versions we know and love/hate from movies, comic, books, TV shows and podcasts.

Episode 643 - Cultcast

Jul 10, 2023

2 likes, 5 comments

With the release of the new Indiana Jones film comes some questions… We haven't seen it yet but we hear a lot of people don't like it and it's already being called a flop. But is that because it's actually bad, because people want it to be bad, or because it doesn't match people's expectations? What's the real story? It's hard to know at this point.

Episode 642 - Gatekeeping

Jul 3, 2023

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Gatekeeping can be a pretty dickish practice… but not in every case. Generally we see it as a social pop culture trend where older established fans of something will try and put down new people and discourage them from joining a fandom. This can stifle a fan community and really kill discourse, not to mention shutting out new members and new perspectives which is actually what a fan community needs in order to flourish and grow.

Episode 641 - Bodycast

Jun 26, 2023

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Injuries, especially to the head can be extremely bad but people are hit over the bonce and knocked out in popculture all the time. In violent sports like boxing or MMA it's often a goal, it's a common thing in games too, the “KO” is a staple. In TV shows, movies and comics it's seen as a kind way to deal with an enemy, people will even do it to their very best friends to protect them from going through with some scary activity, often knocking them out and tying them up and then taking their place or something. Knocking people out has become so memed that the fantasy version has replaced the real version and it's even influenced how we think about it.

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