Episode 109 - Tantzface and Pit Aerine Quacktet TAG TEAM

Jan 21, 2013

Ozone and Banes are joined by some of our most fave recurring guests Tantz Aerine and Pit Face, to form... The Quacktet! The Quacktet talk about characters, writing and all the things that can go wrong and right with character development, both in story writing and in visual design. Things went a BIT awry and this was our THIRD attempt at doing a Quackcast that eveneing, to top it off I was quite ill at the time too, with a bucket by my side... Tantz says "NO" a lot, we learn that characters need proper discipline (it turns out spanking just isn't enough), we talk about Pit Face working on a new collaborative community project, and Tantz Aerine fighting the good fight as a hero of the modern Greek political resistance.We apologise for getting a little bit silly.



ejb at 7:11PM, Jan. 24, 2013

A very fun interview all around. TantzAerine and Pit Face are great. I've been listening to some of the old quackcasts that I had missed. They're good to listen to while drawing. Thanks for doing these.

Banes at 7:09AM, Jan. 23, 2013

gullas - that's really cool...one of the great things about a collaboration.

Banes at 7:09AM, Jan. 23, 2013

Tantz and Pit are a delight! Actually, two delights. Always great fun to talk to you kids!

Ozoneocean at 7:49PM, Jan. 22, 2013

Gullas- that's what Banes did too- after I drew versions of the characters he described he said he learned more about them and their personalities etc. You can also get to like certain characters more and so give them a bigger role in the story.

gullas at 3:31PM, Jan. 22, 2013

mmm bottoms. But there is something to it. When I and Lamiskate were working on NsH (sadly it's sorta retired) his visualization of certain characters actually made me rewrite them :)

Tantz_Aerine at 10:42AM, Jan. 22, 2013

They are the ones who should run ;) Heh heh heh!

Ozoneocean at 9:37AM, Jan. 22, 2013

The Nazis boobytrapped your phone! Run! \^_^/

Tantz_Aerine at 5:47AM, Jan. 22, 2013

The stuff you said while I was answering the phone was hilarious. XD Glad I could listen to it now. XDXD The whole quackcast was awesome, the recorded and non recorded one! :D

Ozoneocean at 4:49AM, Jan. 22, 2013

Tantz and pit are a lotta fun ^_^

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