Episode 160 - SciFi spectacular

Mar 31, 2014

While out on a routine survey mission in the Asimov Nebula, space-Captain Ozone and security officer second class Stanley Banes find themselves face to face with a drunken rampaging mutated alien duckmonster! Join our spacefaring heroes as they ramble about some of their favourite SciFi and discuss some of the best and worst features of the genre. But more importantly; will they get out of this predicament alive and will they ever get their booze back?



Ozoneocean at 8:19PM, April 3, 2014

Ooooh yes... Stargate. I only watched a few episodes. It never really managed to grab me. I do love the parody episodes they did though!

Banes at 9:45PM, April 2, 2014

Thanks, BonesofRuin! Yes, our brain...things were downloaded by an extraterrestrial computer...thing. It put our gray matter into blenders and drank it, thus preventing us from exploring the Stargate franchise! Please post your thoughts on Stargate...and any other sci fi stuff you wish...in the forum thread by the end of the week, and we'll read it on the next Quackcast!

BonesOfRuin at 4:03AM, April 2, 2014

guys, this podcast episode was incredible! I love sci-fi and im a huge star wars and star trek fan! I prefer the original series of star trek of the next generation but to be fair to the next generation i havent seen every episode of the next generation so the original series has an unfair advantage! Also im shocked you mentioned almost every sci fi show except stargate and every spin off of it like star gat atlantis... how is that even possible, wait... don tell me... aliens, right? LOL! XD

Banes at 10:51AM, April 1, 2014

That music/post production sounds fantastic! Way to go! It totally makes up for what you did to Humanity at the end of the episode! XD

Ozoneocean at 3:59AM, April 1, 2014

Thanks Genejoke! We'll continue our odyssey when we add your guy's contributions in next week! :D

Genejoke at 2:23AM, April 1, 2014

good stuff guys.

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