Episode 557 - Fetishes in comics

Nov 15, 2021

Fallopiancrusader joined us as a very special guest to chat about fetishes in comics! It's really interesting and he brings his expertise with adult comics and his wide ranging knowledge of comics in general to bear on the subject. So what are fetishes? Well they're often things that people have sort of a sexual interest in but aren't always associated with sex themselves, they're peripheral to sex. Because of that they're often enjoyed and appreciated in their own right for their own sake! Think of things like body piercings, tight laced corsets, wearing fursuits, spanking, wearing S&M leather and PVC gear, shoe appreciation etc. all things associated with sex that people can also enjoy and appreciate outside of sex.

Topics and Show Notes

Comics have a long and surprising history of being associated with fetishism. One obvious thing is that superheroes wear skin-tight outfits that leave little to the imagination, they also often find themselves in perilous situations where they're tied up and gagged (or at least they USED to in the old days), and there are obviously people for who dressing up as superheroes IS a fetish (not cosplayers), but that's not really what we're talking about here so much, apart from two big exceptions: The mainstays of DC Comics Wonder Woman and Superman. Both have an association with fetishism.

Joe Shuster, cocreator of Superman, made money drawing comics where characters would be whipped, tied up and “tortured” in titillating ways. The creator of Wonder Woman was into bondage, which is the reason Wonder Woman has a magic lasso and why she always used to find herself tied up with it. He practiced bondage in his private life with his wife and her female partner. There are also people like Wally Wood who was a great comic artist, commonly credited with Power Girl's impressive bust, his sex comics are extensive and very well drawn!

Something very insightful that FallopianCrusader bought up was that there are various fetishes that can ONLY really be explored through the medium of comics! Things like giantism, miniature people, vore (where characters eat a lot), expansion, furies, Robot sex, horror body modification, giant boobs, huge genitals, Tentacles and more. In fact one of the most popular runaway hit comics on DD (NOT a sex comic) explored both expansion and vore fetishes at the same time, it was called “Craving Control”. In it a woman would be insatiably drawn to consume vast quantities of food and as a consequence her body would expand, her stomach and already big boobs would grow. But very soon she would magically shrink down again back to her old conventionally sexy proportions. People LOVED it, it had massively wide appeal outside of those fetish interests because it was funny and well drawn but it was only created because of fetishes and the fetishes in that from can't really exist in reality.

Some of the other things we chat about: Fritz the cat - Robert Crumb, Air Pirates and the secret Disney sex files, Virtual sex, Body modification, Vampirella, Greg Land, Fan-fiction, Witchblade, Adam Hughes, Richard Corbin big dick characters, Convention VS fetish, Pantsu upskirt, Opia, muscle women, dick women, kicking in the genitals…

This is a safe for work Quackcast and does not go into sexy details, so don't worry in that regard.

This week Gunwallace has given us the theme to Creepy and beautiful synth scene-setting that creates space and volume and then fills it with a meat grinding steamroller of death that slashes and crushes all in its path like a huge armoured monster!

Topics and shownotes


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Ozoneocean at 6:43PM, Nov. 17, 2021

Glad you liked it Kawaii 😁

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:21AM, Nov. 17, 2021

I am very happy this subject was discussed. It is also refreshing to see a global opinion represented in this conversation.

Ozoneocean at 6:18PM, Nov. 16, 2021

Glad you liked it @Sleeping Gorilla!

Ozoneocean at 6:18PM, Nov. 16, 2021

Thanks for that Andreas! I wished Banes had been around to correct me because he knows about that stuff better than I haha!

sleeping_gorilla at 5:26PM, Nov. 16, 2021

Thank you for the feature and theme song. Wasn't expecting that.

Andreas_Helixfinger at 6:09AM, Nov. 16, 2021

By the way. Lost Girls. That was Alan Moore. He wrote it and his wife Melinda Gebbie Illustrated it. I love Alan Moore's defense of it when he was interviewed about how it depicted these under-aged children's book characters in erotic situations. "These are not real people! They are as old as the paper they are printed on!" And then later in the interview he goes on to criticize the comic industry. Here's the link to a youtube clip of that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuBFd1rlWWA

Andreas_Helixfinger at 6:05AM, Nov. 16, 2021

I've long suspected comics to have this uniquely intimate relationship with eroticism, depictions of sex and sexual fetishes in comparison to other forms of media, since one always seems to pick up on one or the other in so many comics, both mainstream and non-mainstream. I guess that's a big part of what made me feel like most of my stories ultimately belonged to the comic format. I also believe myself to have similar fetishes that Fallopian has, combining sexy with scary, more specifically in my case creating female characters (often busty) with an inhuman (aka anthropomorphic) or unusual element to em', often having sexual or romantic encounters with normal human men (I guess you could call it a gender-swapped beuty and the beast complex), as well as female athleticism (I do seem to draw a lot of my female characters with a very toned muscularity). My anthropomorphism fetish extends not just to animals, but also insects, robots, aliens, plants and inanimate objects.

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