Episode 688 - Artistic Evolution

May 20, 2024

How and why does your creativity change over time? It “evolves”. Evolution is often wrongly thought of as a process that leads to a goal, like the idea that humans are the pinnacle of evolution, or that we will “evolve” into something better and “more superior”, or that there is a “next level” of evolution… All of that is just silly comic-book nonsense and terrible sci-fi. Evolution has no goal or direction, it's simply how we describe change that occurs over time. Creatures don't get “better” due to evolution, rather environmental pressures influence changes that make creatures fit in and cope with those specific pressures better. And many factors influence evolution, not just environmental pressures.

Topics and Show Notes

With creativity the evolution influencers are things like age, experience, taste, style, family, friends, technology, culture… As you get older you have more experience but less time to spend on things because of the pressures of work, relationships, and increasing responsibilities. Your tastes change, you get smarter, you get more skilled, you change what you work with, your ideas and interests change. You begin with the influences of your parents and early childhood exposures to culture, then you break away from that and form your own ideas of popular culture in your early teens, then you try to desperately fit in with various subgroups till your mid 20s and then you mainly stick with the cultural influences you were exposed up till then as your main influences from then on -still picking up new things from time to time, but not having as big an effect.

In the professional world creators get more power and less oversight so they often produce worse stuff because they have more control and don't listen to people as much, have less collaborators and less influence by producers and editors to fix their bad ideas… that's not always the case but it's proved true all too often with musicians, film makers, and writers.

Wider environmental factors like technological change (the internet, digital photography, AI etc), culture change, and political change, all have major effects on people's creativity. Then there are internal factors like puberty, depression, happiness, grief, and more. All these things leave their mark and alter the course of our creativity over time.

And THAT is why most bands aren't producing the same good stuff now as they did when they started out, hahaha!
In this Quackcast we talk about how our own work has changed over time and why. How has your changed over time and why?

This week Gunwallace was influenced to create a theme for Craters Edge - creepy, ethereal, mysterious mist arises, deepening the enigmatic aurora of the presence… Then chaos is unleashed without warning! Rapidfire electronica overwhelms, before fading back into smoke and darkness.

Topics and shownotes


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Somewhere in the Universe - https://www.theduckwebcomics.com/news/2024/may/14/featured-comic-somewhere-in-the-universe

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Craters Edge - https://www.theduckwebcomics.com/Craters_Edge/ - by Jason Moon, rated M.

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