Mature, 1 page

inspired by sweetcare and awful hospital

“By all means, in this hospital, you mustn't remember, Yasue, the more you remember the more they will collect, and the more they collect, the closer to your end will come.”

Teen, 1 page

A Girl who is trying to go beyond her limits during this modern time of dueling where duels have changed, suddenly, she discovers a new method that twists the plot of her life.

Mature, 1 page

800 years ago, the Earth was destroyed.

Humanity sits on the cusp of extinction within a single space station, unknowingly harbouring the very being who brought about their downfall; a techno-organic AI who had, by some strange moment of serendipity 42 years later, come to them in a moment of peace. Unmoored and abandoned— freed from mental servitude for the first time in their miserable existence.

758 years following freedom, Vas’kk Ei’loth only wants to fit in with the dredges of the race he has come to love. People he calls friends, family and those he just can’t seem to do enough for in order to atone for his sins against them.

He even has his ‘unworthy’ eyes on a strong, independent woman.

But the past has a way of crawling back up to haunt a person and Vas’kk certainly isn’t immune.

Everyone, 4 pages

Two guys do wacky things


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